Back to Work Blues

January 12th, 2015

We’re well and truly into 2015 and on the second week back to work. Don’t let the moody weather get you down. According to local media we’re in the most miserable month of the year so we’ve done some research to find some thoughts to cheer you up…

  • Apparently women are more guilty of sneaky eating than men when they’re on their new year’s resolutions diets. However exercising for just 7 minutes a day releases endorphins that make us feel happier.
  • January 12th is National ‘Clear out your desk’ day – tidy desk, tidy mind
  • Eating raw chocolate and listening to sad songs improves happiness – strange one
  • Our personal favourite… Sleep more – you’ll be less sensitive to negative emotions. (It doesn’t say it should be in one of the comfortable Holiday Inn Gatwick Worth beds, or atop the ‘firm’ or ‘soft’ pillows- but it should!)

And if all of that hasn’t put a smile on your face why not book yourself a treat this season? We have just launched our new Beauty Packages. Enjoy afternoon tea for two, an overnight stay, one of a selection of 30 minute treatments and a full English breakfast from just £69.50 per person.

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